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Welcome to Nandi's garden where we believe self-healing and herbs are transformative allies.

A Delightful Garden of Wellness Herbs

Whether you are looking to begin your wellness pursuit using earth’s natural plants, or you are looking for quality herb supplies to build your own modern in-home apothecary, you are in the right place.

This is your one-stop online garden of splendid wellness herbs.

Here you will find a bountiful range of organically grown herbal products designed for natural healing, replenishing, and pampering.

Restorative Tea Blends

A Tea for Every Remedy

Control Anxiety, Promote Sleep, Boost Immunity, Elevate Sexuality, Increase Energy & Concentration, or Combat Colds and Flu. Each of our tea blends serves a unique purpose. See our full selection for restorative tea blends.

Replenishing Steams

Discover the Wonders of Steams

Steams are known to improve cardiovascular health, as moist heat improves circulation. 

Our steam blends will take your steaming to another level. 

Experience increased oxygen levels and beautify your face with a hydrating and pore-cleansing skin steam. Also, see our popular, Oh So Yoni Steam - an ancient practice that modern women use today for enhanced personal wellness.

View our all steam blends and choose the one that’s right for you.

Herbal Smoke

A Natural Smoke to Assist Healthier Lungs

While cigarettes are absolutely harmful to your lungs and overall health. Many cultures have utilized specific herb blends from mother nature that actually benefit the lungs. Discover our herbal smoke - a classic Native American blend for relieving respiratory distress.

Life-Changing remedies for everyday health

We are truly passionate about natural restoration through the use of herbs, and we are confident that you toowill find remedies that will revitalize your life and promote well-being..
And in doing so, we believe that you will discover a new path of healthier living for both you and your family.
Each of our blends are designed to cover a wide spectrum of everyday ailments. And all of our productsare organically grown, certified and produced in small batches.

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